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In the context of a payday loan, a repayment term is determined. During this time, the payday loan must be repaid along with interest and ancillary costs. The term for payday loans is firmly anchored in the payday loan agreements. Out of the running time, the monthly rate also results. A shorter term also means a much higher load than with longer terms. Particularly long maturities exist in real estate payday loans. What else there is to know is explained here. See for a summary

What role does the repayment period play?

The higher the maturity of payday loans, the more the interest rates rise. If you want to save money and can afford it, you should choose a short term with higher installments for reasons of cost. However, this does not apply to real estate financing. Due to the high payday loan amounts, long terms of at least ten years are always chosen here. Whether further financing becomes necessary depends on whether the property was fully paid or not.

It is also worth knowing that a long term for payday loans is always expensive. This applies to all types of payday loans, such as car finance or installment payday loans. But savvy borrowers know how to find a cheap payday loan. They use the payday loan calculator, which is very easy to use. It requires no guidance and they are also free.

With a long payday loan term you should know that the banks see a default risk. Much can happen over the life of payday loans and there is concern that the borrower will be unable to pay the installments for financial reasons. Therefore, the interest rates on such payday loans are higher.

Secured payday loans

The already mentioned real estate payday loan is secured. In the background is the property. In the worst case, the bank can auction them to get their money. Another secured payday loan is car payday loan. Many financial institutions require the vehicle registration document for safety reasons. With this earmarked payday loan, the default risk is low, which is why these are also available at favorable interest rates.

Payday loans to reduce debt

payday loans are not necessarily just for wish fulfillment or consumption. Many take out a payday loan to pay off debts. Behind it hides a good system that can not be recognized at first glance. This process is worthwhile, however, if several installments are to be paid each month. Many get bogged down. That happens when you overburden yourself with too many net income budgets. A rescheduling helps now.

The maturity of debt rescheduling payday loans should be chosen wisely. One should not make the mistake now and choose too short terms. This increases the monthly rate and it is questionable whether the borrower can afford them until the end of the term. Unemployment can make a dash through the well considered bill.


Lending terms are an integral part of a payday loan agreement. They can usually be chosen freely. The only exception is the  payday loan. In this the terms and the associated rates are fixed. Basically, the rule of thumb always applies, the higher the running time, the lower the rates. With a shorter term higher rates have to be paid.

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